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Correspondance is a dance film cruising between the documentary, mockumentary, abstract and staged aesthetic. communication

these days is easy and available always, with a snap of a finger,

and new kind of relationships emerge. Relationships that are

supported by screens.

Correspondance is a duet of far away people. Sending carefully

shaped messages that get blurry and cut off on their way -

on an attempt to establish a sort of intimacy where there is mostly concentrated loneliness.


The film was produced with the help of USF Verftet resident program, and BEK in Bergen, Norway. It was premiered as work in progress at the                                    (Bergen) gallery season opening in August.

created for the Jewish religious dane company HALELU

"THE SIX DAYS OF DEEDS" is investigating the 'graph' of sanctity, as it stretches from the peak of sanctity, the KEDUSHA- the Shabbat dinner, and descending into the starting a new week of preparations.